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Safety first

As much as we desire to install for you world class waterproof flooring materials, we are very keen on the safety of the whole building as well as that of the occupants. With this concern therefore, all the flooring from Waterproof Flooring Guys have been certified by the highest standards body in the world to be safe and to offer maximum performance. They also have high fire retardancy implying that they will never act as an accelerant during incidences of fire thus making the structures more secure. Call us today for more information on the fire features that comes with our flooring solutions.


Termite and mould resistance

Many flooring usually suffer as a result of attacks by termite which eats them up as well as mould which ends up causing them to rot and compromise on their integrity. At Waterproof Flooring Guys however, we present you with waterproof flooring solutions that are termite resistant and will never grow mould. As a result, the floors we install for you will last for decades to come since they integrity will never be compromised with termites or water.


Quick installation services

At Waterproof Flooring Guys, we offer quick installation services of waterproof flooring. We have skilled technicians whom have developed the necessary expertise to conduct the installation of any kind of waterproof flooring. In our bid to make every customer happy, we will always offer you with prompt and timely services hence you dont feel that you precious time have been wasted due to delayed services. Give us a phone call today at 888-383-3443 for reliable, efficient and safe installation of waterproof flooring in your homes.

Customers can reach us on 888-383-3443 for more information.

Engineered hardwood

At Waterproof Flooring Guys, we use cutting edge technology to come up with different kinds of engineered hardwoods to be used for waterproof flooring in residential as well as commercial buildings. These materials have been designed and developed while observing the highest internationals standards so that they can offer the performances, reliance and the levels of safety that is expected of them. With this kind of flooring therefore, you dont have to worry about mould infestation, termite attacks or even wear and tear as they have been designed with higher surface density to ensure that they can still perform when placed in high traffic areas such as alleys and corridors. Contact us if you want engineered wood to be use for your waterproof flooring projects. The number to reach us at is 888-383-3443. We will be glad to be of assistance to you.

Waterproof laminate flooring

Laminate flooring is another great option we have as part of our waterproof flooring solutions. Just like the engineered wood, waterproof laminate flooring is also not affected with termites or mould and they too have a higher surface density which enables them to be used in high traffic areas. The other admirable feature of this flooring is that it comes in a number of variety especially in the design and color. You can thus use them to get a good floor while at the same time improving on the aesthetics and interior dcor for your rooms.

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